Things To Do


Brusy is in the District of Chojinice which is also the name of the largest town of 40,000 people.

     Around Chojinice itself there are some fantastic forests to visit and some very large Lakes such as the resort of Charzkowy which is a holiday destination for a lot of Polish people, every water sport catered for and a whole lot more, approx 25 min drive.

   Odry Stone circles is approximately 15 miles away and its called the Stonehenge of Europe with 18 stone circles all very close to each other and located in the forest the this ancient monument is tranquil and secluded unlike its big brother in the U.K more info,en.html 

   Szymbark is on the route to the airport and is approx an hours drive North this place is fantastic all year round but especially in the summer months with festivals going on all the time there are a large collection of traditional wooden houses and the world famous upside down house this visit will fill up your full day with so much to do. Great resort in the Winter with Skiing available.

   Bory Tucholskie National Park is only a couple of miles away here you can really escape with nature trails, Bike rides fantastic lakes, wildlife such as wild deer fox and some many varieties of Birds.

   There is so much more to do but this experience is about getting away from it all and relaxing.